Dai Mochinaga

Cybersecurity researcher with relevant experience of technology and policy research, defence strategy analysis, R&D strategy development, and software development.


I am a cybersecurity researcher. My resarch interest includes cybersecurity, international relations, informationtechnology. I interested in how to develop cyberspace with technology and policy.


Network Protocols, Network Security, Cryptography, Interenational Relations, National Security



I spent 10+ years as a cybersecurity researcher at Mitsubish Research Institute Inc. I joined Japanese government funded projects related to cybersecurity, R&D strategy development, cryptographic technology evaluation, strategy analysis. I received doctor degree at Waseda University, working with Prof. Shigeki Goto.

  • 2019/06 -
    Seniro Researcher at Keio Research Institute at SFC
  • 2008/04 - 2018/10
    Researcher at Mitsubishi Research Institute Inc.
  • 2015/10 - 2017/09
    Fellow at CSIS-Nikkei Virtual Thinktank
  • 2010/09 - 2013/08
    Doctor's Course Student at Department of Computer Science and Engineering, School of Fundamental Science and Engineering, Waseda University
  • 2006/04 - 2008/03
    Master's Course Student at Department of Applied Physics, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Waseda University
  • 2002/04 - 2006/03
    Bachelor's Course Student at Department of Applied Physics, Waseda University



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International Conference

  • Dai MOCHINAGA, “Key elements governing cyberspace and security environment in Japan and beyond”, Conference on East Asia ’s Security Challenges, The Truman Institute for Advancement of Peace, January 2018.
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